Tendzone Honors 2016

Tendzone Honors 2016

  • On March 10, 2017

At the beginning of the New Year, Chinese major professional medias set off a quality selection climax over domestic brands and products in the AV industry. In the recent selections, TENDZONE has won the honors “Top 10 Most Influential Brand of Year 2016” in China Digital Audio Visual industry & “Top 10 Outstanding Brand of Year 2016” in the Conference System industry. It fully proves the marketing recognition and appreciation Tendzone has obtained in the sector.

From different perspectives, this selection combined opinions of experts in the industry and votes from the users. Basing on open and fair principle, the most outstanding products were selected with corresponding awards. The results are authoritative, authentic and representative. It does not only have a wide range of impact, but also will give a certain guidance and reference to the users in the field.

As a leading brand in the audio-visual industry, Tendzone has created an innovative Multimedia Information Distributive & Interactive platform which subverted traditional signal transmission mode. With the networked IP signals, it provides users visualized operating experience with intelligent distributed interaction, information processing and other one-stop service. Tendzone has also achieved a remarkable annual performance. Such as being invited as expert to participate in various types of summits, built an open sharing platform together with a number of strategic partners, successfully got listed and stepped into capital operation with upgraded brand strategies.

Through breakdown of the applications in the industry, conference system & command-center targeted applications such as: High-end Conference Center of China Ministry of Finance, High-end Conference Center of Bank of Communications (Headquarter), Command Center of Xinjiang Border Police Corps,Command Center of XXX Theater in Southern China,Multi-function Conference Center of Sina Plaza and etc. all reflected the unique technologies of Tendzone MIDIS system. Those applications realized high security and convenience that attracts preferences among medias and users in the industry.

This selection and voting revealed favorites and supports from the majority of users and experts that Tendzone has acquired. In the future, Tendzone will continue to adhere to unique core technology, follow development of the times and carry out innovative technical designs so that every user can enjoy “Relieved and Delighted” usage experience.

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